In Our Days, We Will Live

Penelope Gottlieb (b.1952), Potentilia Multijuja (2012), acrylic and ink on panel, 213 x 198 cm. Via 1stdibs; see also, the artist’s website.

notes from my side of the bed:

i didn’t notice june 23rd pass this year, like i always do.
i’m not sure what i am doing is philosophy anymore - or if it ever was.
large groups of lovely people terrify me. i will always run away.
i don’t know if i want to go to another psychiatrist.
someone asked me who is in charge of decorating; i think i gave a bad answer.
i’m always worried i’m giving the wrong answer.
i worry i worry too much; i know i do.
i spent a lot of time alone at train stations.
i spent a lot of time alone at night.
i spent a lot of time along in cramped streets.
i spent a lot of time alone watching breezes.
i was fine.
leave me for an hour, and i’ve been alone too long.
i love foucault, but i can’t tell you why the way you may like me to.
i can only say i understand tenderness, patterns, sympathetic strokes.
that the connections are all clear to me, but i am constantly in the struggle of framing the question. 
we have wide-eyes.
i’m no less of a romantic than i was when i ran myself in circles. 
all of the folds are starting to resemble wrinkles.
puddles of voices comfort and scare me.
there are more important things to do.

June 27th, 2014 - 0 notes
This time, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I am pissed off to go to a school where it is prohibited to announce the name of a student rapist for legal reasons. If that isn’t victim blaming, I don’t know what the hell is. Many of Stanford policies - let’s be fair, this is not just Stanford, but with many institutions - are blatantly sexist and classist (I’ll go on to say racist, imperialist, etc. but those are issues I admittedly don’t have as much background to expound upon). I am so angry with the apathy, complacency, and self-reifying power structure of the institution, and I refuse to identify with any of it.

Violence against women is interconnected with racial, economic, queer, colonial, trans, and all other sorts of institutional oppression. Stanford’s current policies for handling sexual assault are unacceptable; I would unabashedly say they are sexist and classist. Let’s effect a change. Everyone can sign the petition, not only Stanford students.For more information read: sign the petition:

Sorry for the shitty photo, I am working with what I’ve got across the pond…